Blumenthal Honored by Mt. Sinai Trustees

George Blumenthal, millionaire Jewish philanthropist and art patron whose gifts are known on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, was honored at a dinner on Thursday evening by the trustees of Mount Sinai Hospital in recognition of his services to that institution which he has served for forty years as trustee and twenty-one years as president.

Colonel Herbert H. Lehman, Democratic candidate for governor of New York State, sent a message lauding Mr. Blumenthal “as a man, a leader in communal and business affairs and as the highest type of a citizen.”

James Speyer, chairman of the dinner committee, presided. Speakers included Leo Arnstein, vice president of the hospital ; Dr. Isidore Friesner, president of the medical board ; Joseph M. Proskauer, president of the Federation for the Support of Jewish Philanthropic Societies ; William N. Cohen, and Dr. S. S. Goldwater, a trustee and a director of the hospital.

Arthur H. Harlow, secretary of the board of trustees presented to Mr. Blumenthal a bound volume containing photographs tracing the history of the hospital from its earliest day to the present.