Confiscation of Moscow’s Largest Synagogue Planned
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Confiscation of Moscow’s Largest Synagogue Planned

The confiscation of the largest Moscow Temple, the “Chor Shul” was contemplated by the Soviet authorities on the eve of Rosh Hashanah and was prevented only through a mass petition addressed to the Central Soviet authorities, it was learned here today through a letter received by the former Moscow cantor, Lange.

The letter states that the confiscation of the synagogue was planned to parallel the confiscation of the church “Dome of Savior.”

When this became known a mass petition was drawn up by the Jews who appealed to the Zik not to carry out its intentions inasmuch as two synagogues remaining would not be sufficient to accommodate the high Holyday worshippers.

Following this the Zik ordered the Moscow Soviet not to carry out its confiscation plans.

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