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Lloyd George Makes Pointed Reference to Jewishness of Samuel in Parliamentary Debate

Pointed reference to the fact that Sir Herbert Samuel, former Home Secretary of the British government, and leader of the Liberal Party, is a Jew, was made last night by David Lloyd George in an address delivered during the Parliamentary debate.

Lloyd George, who has broken with his former Liberal colleague on the tariff question, declared: “The great race, of which Sir Herbert Samuel is a distinguished member, used to be divided into Sadducees and Pharisees, the former taking a broad, tolerant view of their faith and doctrine, not believing in the resurrection. The Pharisees, however,” said Lloyd George pointing to Samuel, “were narrow and self righteous straining at gnats like your constitutional points after they had swallowed a camel, and professing belief in the resurrection.”

Sir Herbert interrupted Lloyd George and declared: “There were also Essenes who retired into the wilderness.” The remark referred to Lloyd George’s recent isolation from the Liberal Party.