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Balfour Day Passes Quietly in Palestine; Arab General Strike Fails to Come off

The fifteenth anniversary of the Balfour Declaration yesterday proclaimed by the Arabs as a day of mourning and the signal for the calling of a general strike, passed without incident.

The Arab strike was a failure in Jaffa and Haifa, where even Arab stores remained open. In Jerusalem such strikers as there were passed unnoticed. Only in Nablus and Jenin, Arab strongholds, did the Arab stores close.

A number of Arab meeting were held in several cities and resolutions adopted which were forwarded to the High Commissioner. The resolutions demanded a constitution for Palestine; the complete stoppage of Jewish immigration to the country; the prohibition of the sale of land to the Jews.

Celebrations of Balfour day were held in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, both cities being decorated with British and Zionist banners.

A large meeting in Tel Aviv was addressed by Mayor Mayer Dizengoff and Emanuel Neumann, American member of the World Zionist Executive.