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Jewish Artisan Crippled for Life by Roumanian Officials; Tortured on False Charge of Communism

The crippling for life by the authorities of a Jewish artisan of Oberwischo district of Marmarosh, who was tortured because falsely suspected of Communism, is reported by “Unser Zeit.”

The case bears strong resemblance to that of Samson Bronstein, Zionist leader of Yedinez, which was revealed by the same paper, and whose torturers have still to stand trial.

“Unser Zeit” reports that a Jewish carpenter, Itzchaak Horn, was arrested by an officer of the gendarmerie of Unterwischo, not of Oberwischo, where Horn lives, and accused of Communism.

The arrest was made upon the complaint of a local peasant, following a quarrel with Horn, who told the gendarmes that Horn is a Communist.

Horn was taken into custody and so severely and cruelly beaten up that he will be crippled for life, says the paper. Finally when the gendarmes could find nothing in substantiation of the charges against him, they released him.

Horn is a family man who has never

participated in politics, the paper points out. It says further that the Jews of Marmarosh are known for their propriety and their indifference to politics. They live in the greatest poverty and Communism is alien to them.

An investigation of the case by Jewish leaders is pending.