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Zionist Executive Instructs Judicial Authorities to Take Up Revisionist Discipline

The Zionist Executive has instructed the Zionist “judicial authorities”, which is interpreted as meaning the Congress Court of honor, to take up the matter of the attitude of the World Union of Zionist Revisionists with regard to discipline.

The Zionist Executive’s communique refers to the conflict between the last undertaking of the Revisionists at the session of the Actions Committee in London and the resolutions adopted at the Revisionist Congress in Vienna.

The Revisionists were admitted as a separate union within the World Zionist Organization, by decision of the Actions Committee last July. The following month at their own congress, the Revisionists adopted a resolution stating that Revisionist shekel payers are to be subject first to the discipline of their own organization.

The Executive’s communique says further that the Revisionist Union had been requested to declare that it submitted to the laws and decisions of the Zionist Executive for the purpose of dispelling all doubts, but in spite of repeated requests, it has proved impossible to obtain a clear and unambiguous reply.

In view of this situation the Executive has taken the step which it announces.