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3 Roumanian Police Functionaries Dismissed in Connection with Torture Accusation

Three police functionaries have today been dismissed by the order of the Minister of Interior. They are to be put on trial for torturing a Jewish man and woman, by the names of Feldman and Natasha, on the accusation that they were implicated in Communist activities.

The above case of torture, following similar cases, was the occasion of a great deal of interest and discussion both in Roumania and abroad. It is interesting to recall that the most recent report stated that the medical officials assigned to examine the alleged victims denied the reports of the torture as reported in the Jewish press. They declared that they found the woman totally uninjured, while Feldman, who was unable to walk, was said to be suffering only from corns.

In the disclosures regarding the tortures published in the Jewish press, the experiences of the tortured woman, Natasha, were described as unprintable.