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Arabs Seek United Front in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Transjordan to Compel Abdullah to Cancel Agreemen

A united Arab front in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Transjordania is being organized to force Emir Abdullah of Transjordania to annul the agreement he has signed with a Jewish company for the lease of allegedly 50,000 dunams of his personal domain for a period of 99 years, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learns today.

Palestine Arabs plan to make representations to King Feisal of Hedjaz urging him to make representations to his brother, with a view to the cancellation of the lease, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learns further.

A Palestine Arab lawyers’ delegation will proceed to Amman to seek an audience with Emir Abdullah for the purpose of discovering if some means cannot be found to prevent the consummation of the agreement.

A Palestine Arab bank, it is reported, today approached Emir Abdullah with an offer to lease the land area involved and to develop it for Arabs.

The Arab press reports that Arab leaders have received numerous communications from Transjordan pledging support to their efforts to prevent the Jews from obtaining possession of Transjordan land.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency learns, however, from well informed sources, that these communications are not significant of actual sentiment in Transjordan. The Arabs of Transjordan, it is stated, welcome any development of their land that would come from the Jews.