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Nazis Given Posts of Minister of Education and Superintendent of State Theatres

Bernhard Rust, a Nazi professor, has been appointed Minister of Education of Prussia, replacing Minister Kachler.

A Nazi playwright, Hans Johst, has been named superintendent of State theatres.

Mr. Johst was named to a position pledged to Leopold Jessner, a Jew, at present regisseur of the State theatres, who first discovered and produced the plays of Johst.

Jessner is bringing action against the Prussian State for breach of agreement.

The appointment of the two Nazis places them in a strategic position to carry out the Nazi program of “purging the universities and the theatres of Jewish artists.”

This “house cleaning campaign” has been in progress for an extended period. Since the Nazis succeeded in carrying out their boycott against the Jews to a considerable extent, without being in positions of direct power, the present appointments are interpreted as presaging a sweeping purging process.