Discuss Role of Jewry in World Peace Movement
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Discuss Role of Jewry in World Peace Movement

The Roumanian Jewish weekly “Reneasterea Noastra” recently approached a number of leading men in the cultural life of Europe with a request for their views on the role of Jewry in the movement for world peace. The inquiry was addressed, among others, to Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, the champion of pan-European movement, Prof. Simon Dubnow, the Jewish historian; Edmond Fleg, Greciano, the Roumanian writer now domiciled in Paris; Heinrich Mann, Andre Maurois, Bernard Shaw, Jakob Wasserman and Stefan Zweig. Several have already replied.

Count Coudenhove Kalergi, in his reply, said: “The Jews are charged with holding pacifist and internationalist views. This attitude of theirs is a natural result of the development and their particular situation. It is obvious that nations excluded from military service for some two thousand years should be less militarist than other peoples to whom the ideal of militarism has been uninterruptedly preached. Nevertheless it is unjust, on this ground, to accuse Jews of cowardice. Jewry may well despise this charge. It has shown, during hundreds of years, that it is surpassed by no other people in courage. The world has arrived at a stage in which nationalism alone cannot suffice.”

Jakob Wasserman said: “The fact that the Jews since they were scattered in the Diaspora have become the apostles of peace among the nations, is a product of their whole political and social condition.”

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