American Jews Silent About German Excesses, Says Warsaw “haint”
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American Jews Silent About German Excesses, Says Warsaw “haint”

An editorial by A. Goldberg in the “Haint”, published here, vigorously scores the silence of American Jews, who, he declares, have allowed the excesses in Germany to grow and develop without raising an organized voice, or endeavoring to use their influence to alleviate conditions.

He contrasts the lackadaisical spirit of American Jewry with that of British Jews who, he says, have concentrated their influences in every possible circle with a view to impressing the German Government with the fact that German Jews were not isolated. He declares that the meetings of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, as well as the impressive gathering at which Dr. Chaim Weizmann and leading Parliamentarians condemned Hitlerism, created a deep impression in German circles.

Discussing the possibility of hitting back at Hitlerism, which he says can be reached only by appeals to humanitarian feelings, he suggests that Jews might well consider the advise ability of proclaiming a world wide Jewish boycott against German goods, even if Jewish businesses actually suffer in the process.

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