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Official Nazi Boycott of German Jewry Fixed for Saturday; Thorough Campaign Against Jewish Stores, L

An official all-embracing boycott of Jews, beginning Saturday morning, was announced yesterday, and circulated throughout Germany by the Reich Radio. It is described as a reprisal against the German boycott agitation, “conducted by irresponsible elements”.

The notorious Nazi leader, Julius Streicher, has been appointed Commissioner for supervising the boycott campaign.

The communique by the Nazi Party, announcing the boycott, enumerates eleven points.

Action committees are to be set up in all towns and villages in order to caution clients against entering Jewish shops. These committees are to operate also against Jewish lawyers and physicians, whose clients are to be warned aaginst patronizing them. Under the auspices of these committees, tens of thousands of meetings are to be held throughout the length and breadth of Germany in order to popularize the boycott movement and to evoke a demand for the introduction of a numerus clausus in the schools, the universities, and in the professions, calling for the limitation of Jewish participation in the cultural and economic life of Germany, proportionate only to their numbers; that is, eight-tenths of one percent. Under the official slogan of “No German Buys from Jews”, to be posted everywhere, the drive is to be made as