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Canada Citizenship Rules Affect Jewish Applicants

The so-called Communist menace has brought instructions from the Canadian Secretary of State, Hon. C. H. Cahan, to all judges to exercise unusual care in the granting of naturalization papers.

“The large number of applications require at the present time greater carefulness and closer scrutiny than in ordinary times. There are undoubtedly Communist, Bolshevist and other illegal agitations being carried on in various parts of Canada, and many propagandists of these ideas apply for naturalization, in order to camouflage their propaganda and also to preclude any proceedings for deportation,” states his communication to the judicial officers.

This order has had its repercussions in the local court where 63 foreign-born residents, mostly Jews, made application for citizenship and each one was asked the question whether he was a Bolshevik or was communistically inclined.