Anti-semitic Mob Chief Picks Aryan by Mistake
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Anti-semitic Mob Chief Picks Aryan by Mistake

Police here have arrested Ian Urlanowski, editor of the National-Democratic newspaper “Courier Lwowski”, for attacking a Pole whom he mistook for a Jew.

Urlanowski has been heading a group of N.-D. students who made a practice of beating up Jewish pedestrians. Recently they overpowered Eugene Bizanski, a reserve officer who has a strikingly Jewish appearance. Although Bizanski protested that he is a “pure Aryan,” the Urlanowski crowd, shouting “Heil Hitler,” gave him a thorough drubbing and left him lying in the street.

Bizanski reported the matter to the police, who arrested Urlanowski. When confronted by the editor of the “Courier Lwowski,” Bizanski identified him as one of his assailants.

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