British Press Says Refuge for Jews Not Competing with Citizens is Possible
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British Press Says Refuge for Jews Not Competing with Citizens is Possible

The Home Office is inclined to take a helpful view of the position of the hundreds of Jews who are in this country at present as refugees from Germany, says a brief item appearing in a number of English dailies.

“The law is wholly against the admission of aliens to this country if they intend to take jobs in competition with British subjects,” it continues. “But the case of these Jews, many of whom bear names famous over half the world, is recognized to be in many respects different from that of the casual immigrant, and the question arises whether some concession can be granted in their favor. So long as they do not earn their liivng here and are on holiday they can remain under the present law.

“It may be found possible, however, to permit them some means of making a livelihood while not interfering with the prior rights of our own people. I am assured that the Home Office is approaching the matter with every desire to help the victims of circumstances.

“It is important, however, that they should help themselves by not engaging in violent political activities and putting their would-be friends in a false position. I think the refugees understand. Their plight is very serious, and many of them are in great distress about their families left in Germany.”

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