Cantor Rosenblatt’s Widow Returns from Palestine
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Cantor Rosenblatt’s Widow Returns from Palestine

Mrs. Toibe Rosenblatt, widow of Yosele Rosenblatt, returned from Palestine Tuesday, accompanied by her son Henry.

Mrs. Rosenblatt, a tragic figure, told the group which met her when the Olympic docked of the great cantor’s last days and of his funeral at which Chief Rabbi Kook officiated. Other important rabbis of Palestine, cantors, Talmud Torah students and admirers of the deceased were in the procession.

Yosele Rosenblatt who died suddenly while acting in a motion picture scene, was buried near the grave of Rabbi Chaim Zelig of Drobitch, son-in-law of the world-famous Rabbi Abraham Friedman of Sadigura.

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