New Yorkers Cable Prague to Recall Dr. Weizmann
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New Yorkers Cable Prague to Recall Dr. Weizmann

A cablegram was sent Tuesday night to the World Zionist Congress, now meeting at Prague, demanding on behalf of the Zionists of New York, that leadership in the World Zionist Organization be entrusted to Dr. Chaim Weizmann, who stepped out of the World Zionist presidency in 1931, and whose role in the Zionist movement is an important issue at the World Congress. The cable was in the form of a resolution that was adopted at a meeting Tuesday night of the New York Zionists, under the auspices of the New York Zionist Region.

Morris Margulies, secretary of the Zionist Organization of America, presided at the session and the speakers included Judge William Lewis of Philadelphia, vice-president of the organization; Rabbi Israel Goldstein of Temple Bnai Jeshurun, and Sholom Schwartzbard.

The first public action taken by the American Zionists with regard to the movement for the boycott of German goods and services was also recorded with the adoption of a resolution calling upon the World Zionist Congress to endorse the movement and praising Samuel Untermyer for his leadership in boycott activities.

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