Sheikhs’ Conference Denounces Zionism
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Sheikhs’ Conference Denounces Zionism

About 1,800 persons participated in the Sheikhs’ conference which was held at Aman, Transjordania, earlier this month. All the speakers denounced Zionism in the strongest terms.

The conference adopted resolutions demanding an open fight against Zionism, dismissal of the present government and the appointment of a national government, modification of the Anglo-Transjordan treaty and remission of the taxes on cultivators. The resolutions expressed the fullest confidence in Emir Abdullah, present ruler of Transjordania.

In the call issued for the conference, Majed Pasha Edwan, who was the leading spirit in its organization, wrote as follows: “I publicly declare that the Sheikhs and the Transjordanian notables will all participate in this conference.

“This will be a conference of faithfulness and self-sacrifice which will despise Zionism and paralyze its propaganda. The aim of the conference is to benefit the public.”