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League Aid, World Loan to Resettle Reich Jews in Palestine is Urged

from Lord Melchett of England, honorary president of the World Maccabean organization, who arrived in Prague yesterday to witness the Maccabiade, Jewish sports festival, and from his sister, Lady Erleigh. Both were greeted with prolonged cheers.

A general debate on the labor problems of Palestine, followed Mr. Rothenberg’s address, with representatives of the Laborites, the Revisionists (extreme right-wing Zionists), General Zionists (centrists) and Hapoel Mizrachi (orthodox Labor) participating.

The Zionist commissions are meeting this afternoon with no general session of the congress scheduled. A night session of the congress will begin at eleven o’clock.

The Actions Committee of the World Zionist Organization was in all-night session debating on a number of questions that have arisen, especially in connection with the recommendation of the special commission of inquiry investigating charges brought by the Laborites against a certain Palestine Revisionist group, that an investigating body be dispatched to Palestine.