Los Angeles Times Calls “silver Shirts” Ridiculous
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Los Angeles Times Calls “silver Shirts” Ridiculous

Reminiscent of its editorials during the days when sheeted Ku Kluxers flitted through the Southern California night, bearing the fiery cross and gospel of creed discrimination, the Los Angeles Times has editorially attacked the “Silver Shirts,” the foetal American Fascist organization.

Referring to adherents of the Silver Shirt organization as “nuts,” the Times editorial remarks: “Perhaps the easiest way to dispose of this Silver Shirt menace would be to set free a car-load of hungry squirrels in the Southern Appalachians.

“So far Dr. Pelley has made only the inside pages, and those only to the extent of a half column after a year’s assiduous work; but in time he might succeed in making a first class nuisance of himself. Hitler did —with even a more obscure start.”

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