Maccabee Movement Vital to Jewry, Says Viscountess Erleigh
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Maccabee Movement Vital to Jewry, Says Viscountess Erleigh

Viscountess Erleigh, the former Hon. Eva Violet Mond, daughter of the late Sir Alfred Mond, the first Lord Melchett, and daughter-in-law of the Marquess of Reading, became interested in Jewish problems when, on a visit with her father to Palestine, she was impressed with what had been accomplished by the Jews there. She is actively interested in the work of the Jewish Agency for Palestine as well as in the part played by women in the development of Palestine.

Mother of three children, she has written several books, including a history for children, “In the Beginning”, “The Little One’s Log”, and edited “The Mind of the Young Child.”

Lady Erleigh is deeply interested in the Maccabee movement because she feels that it is one of deepest importance to Jewry; a movement destined to grow, and to play a great and worthy part in the history of the Jewish people.” Both she and Lord Melchett, her brother, attended the Maccabiade, Jewish sports festival, held recently at Prague, and were guests at the Eighteenth World Zionist Congress. Lord Melchett is honorary president of the World Maccabee organization.

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