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Rabbi and Anti-semite to Debate Talmud in Libel Action of Kattowice Jews

A sensational trial reminiscent of the Middle Ages, opened here today with a rabbi and a Catholic priest disputing about the Talmud in open court.

The dispute is the result of the action brought by the Kattowice Jewish community against the editor of the local newspaper published by the “Endek”, National Democrats, anti-Semitic, anti-government political party, for insulting the Jewish religion when calling for a boycott of the Jews.

The anti-Semitic newspaper quoted the Talmud as proof of its allegation that international Judaism aims at the destruction of the Christian world.

The court invited as expert witnesses the rabbi of Kattowice, Dr. Hamaides and the “Endek” priest and notorious anti-Semitic university professor, Stawarczyk.