Schmitt Assailed by Hitler’s Paper for Stand on Jews
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Schmitt Assailed by Hitler’s Paper for Stand on Jews

The Voelkischer Beobachter, leading Nazi newspaper, today bluntly told Minister of Economics Kurt Schmitt that he must either give up his liberal attitude toward the Jews, or most of the leading officials of the Ministry would be forced to resign. “A huge sweeping of high officials from the Ministry is forthcoming,” the Beohachter declared.

The Beobachter added that Minister Schmitt must finally make up his mind whether he prefers to retain the old pro-Jewish officials or to replace them with young Nazis. The Nazi paper particularly attacked Schmitt for daring to suggest to the government to order newspapers and even the official Nazi papers to publish Jewish advertisements.

“Can any one say that such leading officials should be tolerated?” the Beobachter asked. It warned Schmitt that he will be held responsible for every member of his staff and that the argument that the pro-Jewish officials have the greatest economic and social experience, is no excuse for retaining them.

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