Defense Casts Doubt on Stavsky Identification
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Defense Casts Doubt on Stavsky Identification

Efforts for Al rahm stavsky, one of the youth held in connection with the murde of Dr. Chaim Arlosoroff, Jewish la#borite leader, to refute Mrs. Sin#Arlosoroft’s identification of Stavsk as one of those taking part in her husband’s murdr, have resulte in the introduction of another wibess who testified concering the validity of the identification.

Isaac Steinberg, a detective, said photographs of Jewish Communist of these, she allegedly picked thre who seemed to rsemble the murdeers of her husband. Subsequently. was ascertained that none of it three was connected with the muder, Steimberg swore. Other witneses examined today dealt with the evidence presented by footprint exper employed on the case.

Dr. Arlosoroff was killed on Jur 16 in Tel Aviv.

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