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Syracuse Audience with Pogrom Story

In spite of the fact that no open publicity was given, the large hall of the Madison School was crowed with Jewry from every part of the city, who came last week to greet Sholom Schwartzbard, slayer of the Ukrainian pogrom leader, Simon Petluran Two Jewish Workmen’s Cirele School and Jewish National Folk School and Jewish National Folk School, acclaimed him as one of the Jewish heroes. Schwartzbard pictared the brutal Ukrainian pogroms. he pointed out three periods of such events within hte last fifty years of Jewish history and their psychological effect on the Jewish mind. At first the Jew hid himself in the cellars, or helpessly submitted to his fate, but later, in the second and third priods, he came out into the open and tried ot defend himself and the honor of his people in 1929, the riots in Palestine were not a pogrom, but a defecse of life and property. And who were the Chalutzim, the continued, if not the yound men and women who had lived through those pogroms in Russia and Ukrainia and had learned the leason of self-defense.

Schwartzbard’s concluding remark was that the Jews throuhout ther world must awake and not longer hide their Jewishness, nor hush the wrong that is being done to them.