Life of North American Jewry is in Review
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Life of North American Jewry is in Review

Rhode Island’s boycott of Nazi-made goods has received ## impetus with the announcement that The Outlet Company has broken off all business relations with Reich concerns.

Col. Joseph Samuels, millionaire Jewish philanthropist and president of The Outlet Company, declared: “This policy will continue indefinitely, if need be, until Hitler’s inhuman persecution. of helpless minorities and his studied program to exterminate Germany’s 600,000 industrious, hard-working Jews are finally and completely repudiated”.

Because it is the largest department store in Rhode Island, The Outlet Company’s decision strikes at Nazi Germany the costliest single blow within the economic power of the state. It means, in addition to the far-reaching consumer boycott, that the most vital medium of distribution in this section is shut off to Nazi-made goods.

Meanwhile, leaders of the boycott movement here indicated other downtown stores had similar action under consideration because of the widespread consumer resistance and that there was reason to believe they would join in ## campaign, thus effectually ## German products from ## Island retail shelves.

Actually Col. Samuels revealed, The Outlet Company has bought no German merchandise for several months and is disposing, as ## as possible, of the ## slight amount that it has on hand.