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Nazis Divide Market into ‘aryan’ Zones

The Cattle market at Frankfurt-am-Main has been divided into two sections. On the right hand is the “Aryan” section, on the left hand, the “non-Aryan” division. As a consequence of this division, a Nazi municipal councillor of Nuremberg demanded that the Nuremberg market be divided in a similar fashion.

Although the Nuremberg market has not yet been divided between “Aryans” and “non-Aryans” Placards have been posted reading; “I warn you for the last time. Don’t Buy From Jews. All Those Continuing to Buy From Jews Will Have to Take the Consequences”.

The Nuremberg councillor demanded the division of the cattle market in order to prevent “Aryans” from buying from Jews. He declared that this would and a condition where sixty-five per cent of the Nuremberg meat trade was in the hands of the Jews.