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Gov’t Politics in Palestine is Assailed

A world-wide fight against the British immigration policy in Palestine and accusations that the Palestine and accusations that the Palestine government’s motives in restricting Jewish immigration were political and not economic were included in a statement issued today by the executive of the World Revisionist Union, central body of the Revisionist Zionist movement.

The statement pointed out that the Palestine government is not opposed to the influx of capital which enriches the treasury, but does place obstacles in the path of Jewish enterprises employing Jewish labor, compelling Jewish employers to use Arab labor.

“The official methods used up to now to bring about a change have failed,” the statement pointed out. “It is logical therefore to reject the insignificant number of immigration certificates offered and to open a world-wide fight against the present anti-Zionist regime in Palestine.

“Official Zionism lacks the courage to do this, thus demonstrating the necessity for the petition movement,” the Revionist executive declared.