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Nazi Objections Kill Plans for Scientific Conclave in Marienbad

The first International Endocrinology Congress, held for the purpose of discussing latest discoveries in the realm of gland secretions, was called in Marienbad at the end of this month. Professor Julius Bauer, of Vienna, was chosen president, and several Jewish authorities were among those who were asked to read papers. It has now been announced that the Congress has been called off.

The reasons for the abandonment of the Congress were reported as follows:

Immediately after the convocation of the Congress an agitation was started by the National Socialists, with the aid of the German doctors, directed against the president of the Congress and the authorities appointed to read papers to the Congress. There were a large number of applications from abroad to attend the Congress, particularly from France, Italy, Sweden and Rumania, yet the Congress had to be abandoned because the German delegates refused to attend.