Clan of Turko-jewish Exiles Discovered in Northern Syria
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Clan of Turko-jewish Exiles Discovered in Northern Syria

M. Silver, head of the Alliance Israelite School here, has reported the existence of the hitherto unknown community of Kamechlie, founded in 1926 by Jewish refugees from Turkey, in the northern part of Syria.

The community proclaimed its existence by asking that the Alliance establish a school where its children might study French. M. Silver visited Kamechlie and his report appears in the Paix et Droit, organ of the Alliance.

“The Jewish community numbers 2,000, all from Nisibin, while the population of the town of Kamechlie itself, non-existent before 1926, has grown to 15,000, following new arrivals of refugees as a result of the massacre of Assyrian Christians by Kurds in 1930, and by Iraki in 1933. There is a nomad Bedouin population of several tens of thousands.

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