Jews’ Plight Dark, Eyewitness Avows
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Jews’ Plight Dark, Eyewitness Avows

The desperate plight of Europe’s Jews was described here by Henry Silver, B’nai B’rith treasurer and business executive, who has just returned from a visit to France, Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland.

“In Vienna I learned on the highest authority that the Jewish community was forced to pay $40,000 to the Heimwehr upon threat of violence,” he related.

“In France there are 40,000 Jewish refugees from the Hitler regime, half of whom France is now trying to deport because there is no work for these pitiful people without a country.”

Polish Jews, Silver said, “are taxed to death,” but the government is not anti-Semitic. In Austria they can be found in the breadlines by the thousands, he declared.