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Hitler Sold out Storm Troops for Armaments

The view that Adolf Hitler has sold out his storm troop army in return for armament favors, is expressed by the Daily Herald today. The trade resulted from negotiations by Count von Ribbentrop, Hitler’s personal armaments envoy, with Foreign Affairs Minister Barthou of France, who agreed to partial rearmament for Germany if the storm troops were abandoned, the Herald asserts.

The Daily Express sees in President von Hindenburg’s congratulatory messages to Hitler and Goering yesterday a turning against his comrade, Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen, by the aged Reichspresident, and anticipates the former’s dismissal from office.

The Times, in a pessimistic editorial, weighs the future of Hitler. “No one is able to estimate the probable consequences and repercussions,” it states. Hitler appears to have consolidated his position for the moment, killing off every one capable of exploiting the disaffection which prevailed among large sections of the storm troopers. However, his chosen method seems likelier to drive this disaffection underground than prevent its spreading.”