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Beware of Jews, Nazis Warn U.S.

Surprise at the failure of American public opinion to awaken to the “menace” of the Jewish question in the United States was expressed by the Nazi monthly magazine, Deutschland’s Erneuerung, in a leading article viciously attacking Professor Raymond Moley for having published in his magazine Today a series of articles on “Hitlerism Invades America.”

The Nazi paper asserted that Professor Moley was of Jewish descent and pointed out that “President Roosevelt’s closest coworkers are Jews, including Felix M. Warburg, Samuel Goldenweiser and Maurice Karp.” According to the magazine “only the Jews are responsible for the anti-German feeling in the United States and actually the Jews are leading America straight towards Communism.”

American Jews were warned by the Nazi paper, however, to beware “not only of the few hundred German Nazis in America, but of the 75,000 Americans organized in the Silver Shirts”