‘aryanism’ Will Stay in Vogue, Says Newspaper
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‘aryanism’ Will Stay in Vogue, Says Newspaper

also featured the suppression of the Austrian Stuermer, counterpart of the scurrilous Nuremberg sheet, indignantly commenting that Dollfuss has become the protector of the Jews.


Der Angriff, mouthpiece of Propaganda Minister Goebbels, finds the action of the Austrians “crimminally anti-German.”

“Dollfuss has entered the course of combating anti-Semitism,” Der Angriff said. The paper emphasized that the Austrian Stuermer was closed despite the fact that it studiously avoided politics and confined itself to spreading anti-Jewish propaganda.

Goebbels’ paper also attacks the Egyptian Jews because Jewish boys were said to have insulted the swastika which was flown on the German Consul’s flag in Alexandria. According to Der Angriff, “a number of Jew boys were arrested.”