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This Fascist Racket-

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The following is the twelfth of a series of articles, “This Fascist Racket,” by Mr. McGrady, exposing, from the inside, the workings of a typical Fascist organization here, and revealing, through publication of the Fascist “chieftain’s” correspondence, how and in what manner these racial rackets are operated. The series appears daily in the Jewish Daily Bulletin.

To appeal to American crackpots and to organizations supporting crackpot theories, both of which seem to abound in this and other countries, George W. Christians, leader of the Crusader White Shirts, recently caused to be printed his stand on the racial question.

Christians, personally, appears to be fairly sane on the race issue; but as he admitted, “it is difficult to promote a revolution without appealing to the racial and religious prejudices of humans.”

Hence, he turned the task of stating his organization’s racial policies over to C. F. Fulliam, who, besides being Minister of Propaganda in the White Shirts, is a most ardent Nazi in German societies. Christians agreed to this statement only after his frequent approaches to Jews for support had been turned down coldly. It also came at the specific demand of Oscar C. Pfaus, leader of the Nazified Germanischer Bund; Fulliam, and a number of gentlemen now leading organizations promoting movements for the “Surrender of the United States Government back to Americans;” i.e., Jews must relinquish their role in American affairs.


Early last month, Christians wrote to all his lieutenants, stating that Jews were becoming interested in his movement. His most convincing evidence to this effect was my application for an interview.

His statement caused much apprehension in White Shirt ranks, so much so that Oscar C. Pfaus on June 13 wrote the following letter to his chief, marking it “Strictly Confidential.” It caused Christians to take a definite stand on race. He said in part:

“Of course, I know, that you are not selling out to the Jews, but it seems that many are not in favor of the efforts to get in contact with certain Jews. I’ll be frank with you dear Mr. Christians, I don’t like the idea myself, because I know the Jews and their ways. If they see in a movement a benefit to their race, they try their level best to get in on it. After they are in they soon acquire control whether the originators like it or not. It’s the secret of Jewish success and we can do nothing else but face facts.


“Your plan is wondreful. But why include the Jews in it? They will be carriers of the germs of race hatred, wars among Aryan nations and general decay as long as they are permitted to govern Aryan countries. Our own kind comes first from now on, the others shall work out their own salvation. We have been benefactors too long and have suffered for it enough.

“Nobody can stop the spread of anti-Semitism in the world. The time is here and we cannot try to disregard facts again for the sake of all humanity. If we do that once more, we will lose again and this time for good. If we are for our Aryans we are for humanity, because the Aryans alone really tried to make this world a place fit to live in. The others were at all times nothing else but parasites, trouble makers and creators of brother wars.

“Please don’t get rough with the Friends of New Germany. They have to suffer enough as it is. After all they are bound to certain rules and regulations and can’t affiliate with any other organization. I am a member of the Friends of New Germany, but as a free lance newspaperman I have a lot of liberties which an individual member cannot have. The Friends mean well, they love America, but they too love their people. Nobody can blame them for that, for a man who is proud of his ancestry will be proud of his adopted country.


“You cannot avoid the racial issue in your program dear Mr. Christians. Our world is getting too small for all of us and only the good can survive if we want to be free men and not slaves in the future. The Chinamen, the Japanese, the Jews, and even the Negroes are demanding racial recognition of equality etc. But we don’t see the danger behind all that. We continue to be benefactors and teachers till the others are—through our work—strong enough to break our heads. They do it already as you seen in Japan, India, Arabia and in America. The Aryan is worthless here if he is not under the protection of the Jews.

“The new Aryan movement will embrace all our Aryan world and nobody will be able to stop it.

“I might attend an important meeting in Europe soon. If I go (the expenses will be paid for me by somebody friendly) I can carry a message to the world for you and believe me, it may do a lot of good. It may push your movement forward over night. I’ll let you know as soon as I know definitely if I go and you may write a message for me to use in your name. I am only worried about my personal appearance. I am very poor now and have hardly anything to live on. If you could obtain a little work for me I might be able to get me some good clothes etc., which are necessary for the European trip etc.

“I wrote you about this question before but you did not answer me.

“If you’d publish your stand against this boycott etc., and the slander of Germany, I could make some use of it before long. I intend to write another article on American organizations. Please do me also the favor to dust off this Soskin who wrote the Article enclosed herewith. He keeps on ridiculing Hitler and Germany, at times speaking for the American people. I don’t think that he has your permission to speak for you and other real Americans. So please put a stop to the work of this Kike and tell him to propagand Sovietism in Russia and not in America. Please do me the favor. This Kike will listen to you, but he won’t pay any attention to me. I am only a German.

“Someday you’ll find out, that I can help you a great deal, although I can’t say much at present. But my time will come, and you’ll find out I’m in the habit of keeping my word.


“This letter is for your own use dear Mr. Christians, so please keep it strictly confidential. I can’t tell you more. (At present).

“I am slandered more than ever. If you know who does it, be so good and stop it. You are the only real friend I have in America.”

In order to live up to Pfaus’ trust “dear Mr. Christians” has recently caused his Ministry of Propaganda to produce a tremendously long statement on “Racial Ideals of American Fascism,” excerpts of which are herewith proffered:

“American Fascists stand for White Supremacy. Distinction among the races is not accidental but designed. This distinction is of vast import and indicates the wisdom of the divin# mind.

“Purity of the white blood of America must also be maintained for it is not only biologically disastrous not to maintain its purity but is giving rise to grave social problems. It has become necessary to devise some means for the preservation of the white blood in its purity, because, despite the prohibitive laws, racial inter-mixture is continuing and the problem is becoming more and more acute.

“Now it is the plan of the international group that operates behind International Finance and International Marxian Communism to destroy the supremacy of the white race and its Christian culture and civilization by substituting a strong class consciousness in the place of national and racial consciousness and a spirit of cold, gross materialism instead of the spiritual forces of white culture and civilization.


“It is necessary to scientifically control biological forces as it is to scientifically control economic forces. Economic Liberty is inseparable from White Supremacy.

“Our present racial policies, dictated by a short-sighted selfishness and a blind idealism, will bring about the destruction of White Supremacy unless we wake up to the realization of the dangers confronting us. Economic Liberty will be of no value to us without racial and national consciousness.”

I can not believe that Christians is responsible for the above non-sene. He, more than likely, consented to subscribe to it under persuasion of such persons as Pfaus and Fulliam.

While my intention was to bring into this article evidence of cooperation among other fanatical organizations, it appears to be more pertinent at this point to discuss Christians’ religious ideals for the new state.

“I am merely going to bring the country back to good Christian practises,” he remarked to me one day.

“Good, according to your lights?” I inquired.

“Good according to my lights which represent the lights of the people,” he answered modestly.

He was asked whether or not he didn’t consider it a rather difficult task to bring all the people, the majority of whom adhere to various credos, each as rigid in dogma as the next, to a compromise.

“I’ll see that everybody is brought into line,” he assured me. “Everyone will agree with me. There will be no bloodshed.”

Christians said that the older religions either were based upon the wrong principles or had been perverted over a period of years. He said that it had never occurred to him that any of the religious and philosophical beliefs which had survived centuries of persecution, could survive the onslaught of his new ideas; and certainly, he said, it had never occurred to him that any of these philosophies and ethical codes might be better than his own.

To Be Continued Tomorrow

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