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Another Ritual Murder Myth

The Stuermer, Julius Streicher’s ritual murder organ, has been confiscated again. The current issue contained the story of a “Ritual Murder in Breslau,” based on a sadistic crime committed in Breslau several years ago, which the Hitlerite organ endeavored to distort into a ritual murder case. The police officials in Breslau branded the Stuermer story as “nonsense.”

The confiscation of the weekly from time to time hardly interferes with Streicher’s Jew-baiting campaign of incitement to anti-Jewish pogroms. While some of the copies are confiscated, others are freely circulated in the Franconia district. The confiscation is merely a gesture to satisfy public opinion abroad. If Julius Streicher believed that Hitler, Goebbels, Rosenberg and Co. were opposed to his revival of the ritual murder myth against the Jews, he would have stopped disseminating these hideous and false charges long ago. But Streicher knows that Jew-baiting is Hitler’s pet passion, and therefore he is continuing his maniacal propaganda of hate and falsehood.