Popular Song Proves Undoing of Stowaway
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Popular Song Proves Undoing of Stowaway

Mo Kolerman, a Polish Jew. is on his way back to his native land after a thwarted attempt to enter Canada as a stowaway. The whistling of a popular tune proved to be Kolerman’s undoing.

Kolerman had arranged with two members of the crew of a steamer to stowaway on the ship at Gdynia. The arrangement called for one of them to whistle a popular tune as soon as the ship reached Halifax. He boarded the ship safely.

Unfortunately, the tune apparently was too popular, for a steward happened to intone it while the ship was still on the high seas. When Kolerman heard the pre-arranged signal, he happily left his hiding-place and walked into the arms of an officer.

After a brief stop at the local harbor the ship left on its return trip to Gdynia, where the Polish police will deal with the hapless stowaway.