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Arab Executive Postpones Rally

A meeting of the Palestine Arab Executive has been held here to discuss preparations for the Eighth Arab Congress which was to have been convoked next month in accordance with a decision earlier this year after the president, Musa Kazem Pasha Al-Husseini, passed away.

The election of a new president was to be one of the principal topics at the forthcoming congress.

Only eighteen of the forty-eight members were present at yesterday’s meeting. A stormy debate took place behind closed doors. Jamal Husseini and Emil Ghory, editor of The Arab Federation, both supporters of the Jerusalem mufti, spoke long and bitterly on Arab political tactics.

A resolution was adopted stating that the existing Arab parties have no specified policy, and consequently the congress must be postponed for six months in order to prepare the ground for a new party with a more positive line of action.

This postponement is regarded as a Moslem Opposition victory. The Opposition members, of the Nashashibi faction, favor a legislative council or similar institution and do not want a Moslem congress to be held until that is put into effect, thus stifling objections by the Mufti’s party, which is ill-organized at present.