Dr. Rauschning Leaves Danzig; Nazi Gain Seen
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Dr. Rauschning Leaves Danzig; Nazi Gain Seen

Fear that the Jewish situation in this city, already bad, may become worse in the near future, was aroused yesterday by news that Dr. Herman Rauschning, president of the Danzig Senate, is going on a long and unexplained leave.

Dr. Rauschning’s sudden decision to leave the city and the government is interpreted as a victory for the Nazi elements in the Senate which desires an aggressive anti-Jewish policy. Such a policy, it is felt here, would necessitate the intervention of foreign Jewish organizations with the League of Nations. As head of the Danzig government, Dr. Rauschning has at all times consistently favored a policy of moderation toward the Jews, particularly in view of Danzig’s special position in regard to the League and Poland.

Deputy Nazi Leader Rudolf Hess’ six anti-Jewish “commandments” were posted in a number of public institutions in this city yesterday as a reminder to Danzig Nazis to observe them more closely.

At the same time a Danzig court ruled that non-Jewish firms may dismiss their Jewish employees without cause and denies the right of the Jewish workers to sue for the return of jobs.