Fall Program is Adopted by Ivriah
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Fall Program is Adopted by Ivriah

Registration chairmen of Ivriah, the women’s division of the Jewish Education Association, will meet with Israel Chipkin, educational director, on Monday to consider means of stimulating registration in the local religious schools.

Ivriah will begin a series of broadcasts on Monday over Station WNEW at 11:30 A. M. Miss Sonia Yerkin will be soloist and Mrs. Gabriel Hamburger will speak briefly on “Jewish Education Week.”

A Yorkville division of the organization will be installed next week at a meeting at the home of Mrs. Jacob I. Horowitz, chairman of the division, 355 East Seventy-second street.

Cultural leaders of the organization will meet on Wednesday with Mrs. S. Wald of the Bensonhurst division, to study plans for a class in elementary Hebrew.