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3 Faiths Collaborated in Production of New Catholic Play

The unique manner in which Protestants and Jews were instrumental in arranging for the production of a Catholic play has just been revealed in connection with the play “The First Legion” which opened at the Forty-sixth Street Theatre. The play, based on happenings in a branch of the Jesuit Order, is written by Emmet Lavery, a Catholic, and one of the producers, Phil Green, is a Jew.

When asked to read the manuscript Green was reluctant to consider what appeared to be a religious play. However, he arranged for a reading at his home, inviting four Catholics, four Protestants and four Jews. The reading of the first act alone kept this group in discussion from eleven o’clock at night until five in the morning. When asked if they would like to return for the rest of the reading that night, all of the group appeared, in spite of a severe storm and spent from eight until three o’clock in the morning in listening and in discussing their reactions. At nine o’clock that morning the play was purchased.

Only one actor is a Catholic, Pedro de Cordova. The rest of the actors are Protestants.