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Bulletin Calendar of Events

Sunday, October 31

School of Philosophy, Steinway Hall, 113 West Fifty-seventh street; Max Fishier, “Schopenhauer and the Philosophy of Suffering”; 8:00 p. m. “Sholom Asch—”Three Cities’,” Frances D. Drucker; 9:00 p. m.

Queens Jewish Center, Hollis Court boulevard and Jamaica avenue, rally; address by Rabbi Aaron Blumenthal; 8:00 p. m.

Meeting of the Executive Council of the National Federations of Men’s Clubs of United Synagogue; Jewish Theological Seminary, 122nd street and Broadway; address by Dr. Everett R. Clinchy; afternoon.

Youth House, Chalif Hall, 163 West Fifty-seventh street; Dr. Bet I. Polonsky, “The Psychology of Youth”; 8:30 p. m.

Central Jewish Institute, 125 East Eighty-fifth street; meeting, under the auspices of the Jewish Honor Legion; 7:30 p. m.

Supper and card party, under the auspices of the Jamaica Jewish Center Sisterhood; Center Building; 7:00 p. m.

Junior League of Free Synagogue, Synagogue House, 40 West Sixty-eighth street; address by Dr. Everett R. Clinchy; 8:00 p. m.

Community Church, 550 West 110th street; S. Miles Bouton, “If Hitler Came to America”; 8:00 p. m.

Broadcast from Free Synagogue, Carnegie Hall, Mirabai (Madeline Slade), “Gandhi’s Message to Mankind”; Station WNEW; 11:45 a. m.

Jewish Community Center of Staten Island; Dr. Fritz Witteis, “A Psycho-Analyst Looks at Love and Marriage”; evening.

Broadcast of scenes from “Soring Song”; Station WEVD; 12:45 p. m.; Francine Larrimore, Helen Zelinskaya and others in the cast will participate.