Streicher Sway Grows Weaker, Survey Reveals
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Streicher Sway Grows Weaker, Survey Reveals

Among the ranks of the National Socialist masses there is a growing opposition to Julius Streicher, arch anti-Semite of Franconia, a special investigation conducted by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reveals.

The disapproval of Streicher is largely the result of a general repugnance to his Jew-baiting efforts, which are termed a disgrace to Franconia. Streicher appeals to the base feelings of the German masses in his attempts to increase anti-Jewish sentiment, commentators say, pointing to his most recent attack upon the Jews, whom he holds responsible for the ###eading of antagonistic rumors which have recently appeared concerning him.

The rumors include stories that Hitler has broken with Streicher and has even gone so far as to whip him, has scolded him and has ignored his presence at the Nuremberg airport. The last rumor is being spread by Storm Troop and Schutz Staffel men, who say that Hitler deliberately avoided welcoming Streicher.

The population generally expects Streicher’s political career to be terminated shortly.