Peasants Help Jews to Repel Cuzist Attack
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Peasants Help Jews to Repel Cuzist Attack

Rumanian peasants today came to the rescue of a group of Jews who were being attacked by anti-Jewish student adherents of Professor Alexander Cuza, leader of the Rumanian anti-Semitic coalition.

The band attacked the Jewish inhabitants of the village of Straseni in the district of Lapusna, smashing windows in Jewish homes and beating Jews on the streets. They also attempted to demolish the synagogue.

Peasant neighbors of the Jewish villagers rallied to the defense of the Jews and beat off the attackers.

Gendarmes were rushed to the scene and are investigating the unprovoked attack on the Jews.

A Czernowitz court today acquitted two students and soldier accused of being the ringleaders in the bloody anti-Semitic riot in Balaceana, in the province of Bukowina, in 1930.