Austria’s Growing Trend to Bigotry
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Austria’s Growing Trend to Bigotry

The New York Times, in a cable from its Vienna correspondent, reports growing anti-Semitic tendencies of the Austrian government as well as negotiations between the Austrian cabinet and the Nazis, as follows:

The admission that negotiations are going on between the government and Nazis was forced from the government by the fact that the negotiations had long been common knowledge, but the admission has unpleasant repercussions in foreign capitals, where distrust has been rearoused.

Hardly less uneasiness was aroused abroad by the percolation of news of the growing anti-Semitic tendencies of the government. These are chiefly visible in the Vienna municipality, where the ultra-clerical Commissary Burgomaster Schmitz week after week has been dismissing Jews from municipal employment.

First to go were employes who belonged to the Social Democratic party or who professed no religion. Now Jews are following them into unemployment