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To the Editor, Jewish Daily Bulletin:

On Tuesday, November 6th, there appeared in your paper an article by your correspondent, Mr. Jacobs, describing his experiences as client at the Hebrew Free Loan Society of 108 Second avenue.

Permit me to say—as one who has been borrowing small sums from this Society for the last few years—that I heartily endorse the statements made by your Mr. Jacobs. It is absolutely true, that this Society is a boon to thousands of deserving people with limited means who, very often, finding themselves in a pinch, could apply for a free loan, on weekly installments, and get it too.

I herewith, also, wish to express my appreciation to that gentleman—Mr. Braverman—whose kind and sympathetic behavior towards the client contributes so much to this useful and worthy institution.

D. K.

New York,

November 9, 1934.