700 C.c.n.y. Alumni to Attend 54th Dinner
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700 C.c.n.y. Alumni to Attend 54th Dinner

More than 700 alumni, professors and officials of the College of the City of New York will attend the fifty-fourth annual dinner of the associate alumni in the Hotel Commodore tomorrow night.

Townsend Harris medals in recognition of post-graduate attainments will be awarded to Bernard M. Baruch, of the class of 1889, financier and adviser of President Roosevelt; Professor Felix Frankfurter, ’02, of Harvard University; and Dr. Stephan P. Duggan, ’90, director of the Institute of International Education.

The principal speakers will be Senator Gerald P. Nye of North Dakota and Professor Frankfurter.

Samuel Zarfati was court physician to Popes Alexander VI and Julius II.