Rabbinical Unit Ousts Violator of Poultry Ban
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Rabbinical Unit Ousts Violator of Poultry Ban

Rabbi Raphael M. Barishansky, opponent of the rabbinical poultry ban, was expelled yesterday from the Rabbinical Board, which met at the Beth Hamedresh Hagodol, Washington avenue and Claremont Parkway, at the behest of the Bronx Rabbinical Board.

Rabbi Barishansky last week flouted the rabbinical ban on unlabeled poultry and signed an agreement with the Live Poultry Institute of New York, wholesalers’ organization, to supervise eleven Bronx wholesale markets without attachment of the metal leg-bands required by the Kashruth Association.

Judge Otto A. Rosalsky, whose decision establishing rabbinical supervision of poultry markets the Kashruth Association is trying to enforce, yesterday received a delegation of executives of Shochtim Union Local 440, organization of kosher slaughterers which is in opposition to the rabbinical ban.

The parley was held behind closed doors, but it was understood that Judge Rosalsky was trying to influence the shochtim to support the issur.

After the conference, the shochtim returned to their office and held a closed session of their own.