Ussishkin Greets Canada Zionists
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Ussishkin Greets Canada Zionists

Menachem Mendel Ussishkin, “grand old man” of the Zionist movement, calls upon the Zionists of Canada to complete the redemption of Emek Hepher (Wadi Hawareth), a task they assumed seven years ago, in a message of greeting to the Canadian Zionist Convention, which will open in Toronto January 20.

Declaring that the land situation in Palestine is moving “toward a crisis which calls for emergency measures,” Ussishlkin reports that a quick strengthening of the Jewish National Fund is essential “to safeguard the essential rural basis and national character of our land.”

“I rely upon Canada to do its share with increased devotion,” he writes, stating that the Emek Hepher settlement is developing at a rapid pace.

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