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German Agents Battle Guards, Kidnap Exile on Czech Border

A German Jewish refugee, Joseph Lampersberger, was kidnaped by Nazi agents last Saturday on the Czechoslovakian frontier under the very eyes of Czech officials, it was disclosed here today.

The Nazi agents, believed to be of the German Secret Service, attacked their victim on the Czech side of the frontier station Eisenstein and hustled him towards the German side of the border. A Czechoslovakian customs official who was inspecting the passports, heard the cries of the refugee and hurried to his aid. He also was attacked by the two Nazis who then dragged their victim across the frontier into Germany despite the protests of customs guards.

An investigation into the abduction was started today by the Czech authorities. The Czech press emphasizes that the kidnaping of Lampersberger is similar to that of Berthold Jacob who was lured from Switzerland by Nazi agents to the German frontier.